Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Central Italy By Moonlight

It was quite the night to be abroad in the hills of Umbria when the moon was full and the hills were quite atmospheric.

We were walking along a path when I took these pictures through the trees and it was a lovely warm night.

Later we got in the car and started driving not quite aimlessly while we watched the last of the sun go down,

This is the Tiber valley at sunset and one can just see the river between the folds of the hills. My wife's breath was literally taken away by the beauty of it all. Most gratifying.

We drove across the valley planning dinner at Todi, the city on the hill. The city is famous for it's domed cathedral and no one knows who designed it. The say it's "attributed to Bramante" and that name means quality.

The dome is called Our Lady of the Consolation, la Consolazione, and it is quite beautiful.

It was the perfect night, warm and enticing, so naturally I started playing with my camera. This was a three second exposure.

This one was a ten second exposure.

It was a indeed a great night for photography.

Todi is a small market town, and frankly far too much like Key West in some respects, when this was where I came to do my shopping, to buy my newspaper and occasionally to see a movie an escape from a winter night in my dank cold home in the village.

Everyone knows everyone in this town and that wore me out when I was a youngster.

I try not to overdo the sepia with my camera setting but these I couldn't resist.

We drove through town, and somehow the evening lost some of is magic.

A narrow street, construction,street lights glaring and thus we were back to reality.

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