Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Key's Summer

The snowbird phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. It is a matter of habit for residents of the northern tier of states to own a home in the Keys for use during the four or five coldest months. For this practice we are very grateful as they cannot, if the assessor is not asleep at the wheel, claim homestead tax exemptions yet they use far fewer services than we year round residents. Yet snow birding seems nuts to me, for summer is lovely.

Climate change skeptics will scoff but floods, heat waves and tornadoes may be passing phenomena but usually summer heat Up North tends to be far harsher than down here. Among these islands we find the summer heat is mitigated by cooler air wafting in over the sea, our homes are built to take advantage of the climate, and life in summer is much more laid back as with fewer people comes greater peace.

There's the paradox, if the snowbirds chose not to leave there would be more people down here and half the pleasure of summer would be lost. We should be grateful for all those grandchildren in Kansas drawing people out of Florida during summer vacations.

So how hot is it in summer in the Keys? Well, these a question. Temperatures rarely rise above 95, though humidity is higher than many people like. I hear the phrase "dry heat" applied to desert heat waves as though 120 degrees in sandy conditions is more bearable. Personally I like the damp that wet heat brings, no hair like straw, no itchy nostrils, no cracking finger nails.

Of course I like air conditioning in my house and in my car, and my friends complain my house is kept too cold, but Cheyenne is my priority and if she isn't panting it's cold enough. Summer is also hurricane season and we're heading deep into that time of year just now. But compared to the weather phenomena (not caused by climate change; never that!) hurricanes seem a lot less frightening by comparison. Summer in the Keys, decidedly the best time of year.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!

Your weather is always perfect. When it gets over 80 degrees here in Montana, people complain like they've never been so hot, the stores run out of fans, etc. Me, I'm just staying outside where it's warm and am glad I don't have any snow to shovel. July was our first month this year without snow.

from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

Good god! Kin places like that winter comes all too soon...next month?

Amanda said...

I'm finding summer in the BVI to be my favorite season here, for many of the same reasons. It's hot, but mildly so (highs around 90 most of the time) and fewer tourists to deal with.