Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mile Marker 58

I am walking my dog once again, and Cheyenne seems to enjoy it as much as ever.

We were driving the middle Keys and at the north end of Marathon on Grassy Key I spotted a likely turn off. It looked like a low maintenance bike path, one side paved the other not. We took the path less paved.

A woman of advanced middle age (I think) approached me in a village in Italy last month and told me she remembered my mother. "You caused her a lot of heart ache," she said and I winced because I am fond of my mother's memory. What had I done, I wondered...

...it wasn't as bad as I had at first thought. "You were always running away and she never knew where you were," she went on.

Well indeed that has always been my abiding problem, a desire to see what's over the horizon, and my nature hasn't changed that much even here in these little slivers of land set in the middle of the ocean.

Cheyenne likes to explore too though this time of year she goes from shade to shade wherever she finds it even next to a slender power pole.

And then she hunts for water to cool off in, but if fresh she'll drink it too.

The odd thing is she prefers mangrove water to the proper clean water I provide her. My dog is weird.

I have met quite a few people complaining of the heat as though anything else were to be expected in August. Even so I find the weather quite bearable. We have a light southeasterly breeze blowing most days, the humidity is low and if not directly in the sun, like Cheyenne, it is quite pleasant.

We walked about half a mile paralleling the highway until the trail ran out.

If you wanted to move here some optimist is offering land for sale.

Good luck finding a bank that will make a loan though, these days.

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Anonymous said...

Was wondering how Cheyenne reacted to your return? Well recall my two orange cats would sit with their backside in my office after I returned from a trip, and they'd ignore me for some days afterwards!

Mind, cats have servants, dogs have owners. Which reminds me...
"The odd thing is she prefers mangrove water to the proper clean water I provide her. My dog is weird."

Your dog is not weird, she is normal, as much as my cats would drink out of a nearby stream rather than the clean water in the house. Mind every once in a while they'd straddle the empty toilet bowel and drink the water; ditto the dripping water tap in the kitchen sink.

Our pets are normal, it is their owners who are weird!

Conchscooter said...

Wayne wanted tothink Cheyenne was mad at me I think she was just shocked when I got back. She hopped straight into the car when we left their place for home. Our routine is back to normal.