Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming And Going

I see the most outrageous carrying devices on scooters in Key West. This one wasn't particularly wild except that the box seemed disproportionately huge, putting two wheels to good use.

I find people who like to ride motorcycles don't always respect scooter riders, yet scooters in Key West are always in use in all weathers doing all the grunt work of daily living. In street clothes too.

In the 'going' department Voltaire books closed and went.

Thanks to the ubiquitous electron, book stores and video stores seem to have had their day. Our corporate bosses will now choose our entertainment and we will Kindle what they allow and stream whatever videos they allow. Paper will just be what we wipe our backsides with. Brave New World.

I see flashing blue lights down the street and I am glad I am not yet at work.

The car in front of me slowed to a crawl to look for blood and guts. People are gross. Go home and watch TV rubbernecker!

This place used to be the Lemonade Stand.

I'm glad they kept the mural, the owners of the new enterprise called In One Era Antiques. And the passer-by's tricycle seemed to fit in which was why I stopped.

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