Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Eat Or Not?

I am very fond of this view of the building that houses Mangia Mangia, but I am sad to say I'm not fond of the food there. Perhaps I am missing something but this is a very popular eatery that is not on my radar. I wish I did like it because the building looks lovely.

This used to be the Blue Lagoon, a rather seedy motel with a restaurant attached that could not seem to succeed in any format. Something has happened here that has finally taken a different turn and people tell me it is doing well. That would be a nice change and presumably the restaurant is now worth visiting too.

The rolling advertising features video film and loud color word messages of which I am not fond but there again I am no friend to television anyway.

Which is funny because I dearly enjoy paying a visit to The Porch across Caroline Street from The Bull, and a Belgian Palm beer is just what the doctor ordered. They sell lots of craft brews and ciders and wine too. In the wine cellar they have a cursed TV screen which was showing film of surfing the last time I was there. I rather enjoyed that.

The Porch is tucked away in the Porter Mansion which supposedly makes it hard to locate, for a generation raised with GPS glued to it's forehead.

They also have a pleasant outdoor seating area which I will enjoy this winter. One other place I went to recently was on Little Torch, home of draft Smithwick's and the best, tangiest Key Lime Pie offered in any Keys restaurant.

Parrotdise, at Mile Marker 28, also sells table wines under the Big Pecker label. A double entendre of such power that prudes have complained about the parrot billboards on the Overseas Highway advertising the stuff. My guest wanted a couple of t-shirts for her college bound sons so I hope the Big Pecker label is more puerile than offensive. I still really like their genuinely home made pie whatever the size of their peckers.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

After enjoying 4 Palm brews last night, I am surprisingly not worse for wear. Tasty libation.

Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Ibis Bay in June. It was pleasant, decently renovated and very clean. Price was good, restaurant food was tasty and service was fine. Didn't use the pool, although it looked clean and taken care of. The beach is, of course, laughable, but can lay claim to sand, so I guess it's technically a beach! All in all, I'd stay there again.

Conchscooter said...

The only sad thing about Palm is that it is Belgian - like Budwesier!
I think they are going to make a go of Ibis Bay this time, and the gaudy sign on the street is growing on me...