Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lower Duval

I am not terribly fond of Wells Fargo Bank. They are doing better than Bank of America which appears headed for bankruptcy despite the best endeavors of the Federal Reserve.

Wells Fargo's stupid robber baron stagecoach has only just appeared in town since they bought Wachovia with taxpayer money and every time I see their sign I am reminded of the great 13 trillion dollar public bail out. Or was it $1.2 trillion? But in our happy fantasy world in Key West business is booming, thank God.

Tourists are crowding the sidewalks and spending their precious dollars in town which is all to the good. This character musing at the base of a palm trunk may get short shrift if the Mayor's new anti-bum plan gets implemented. The Police Chief backs it, in it's unannounced form, so we shall see what they produce eventually.

They are going to increase services for the deserving poor (as our Victorian forebears would have described them) and plan to crack down on panhandling and loitering, which frankly seems due. Apparently Mayor Cates has been seeking inspiration elsewhere in towns that seem to have a handle on this problem and has come home full of pre-election vim and vigor. I wish him well on this one.

For Sale, always for sale somewhere. I expect some entrepreneur will see opportunity in that sign. This next is NOT a Key West chicken.

People Up North have been complaining loudly about the heat this summer and yet down here it hasn't by most accounts been that terribly hot and muggy. But it has been hot enough.

90 something degrees in downtown was enough to convince him to get out his bedroom fan.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

The residentially challenged have been a part of Key West very since the Overseas Highway was completed. Outside dwellers are attracted to a place where one does not have to worry about freezing.

To this end - I don't begrudge their existence - except wen they use my car to lean against to take a shite - or when Angry Black Man stands in from of my house and chants (and yes, I can quote this) " I should have punched the motherfucker in the goddam mouth."

The idea we should remove this aspect of KW from the streets is to make our town more like Disney's version of Key West - and that would suck. Dollar Dirty Joke Guy, along with Spastic Patrick and a host of other characters, add texture to this most unique place.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Hot and muggy does not describe the heat here adequately this summer. Air conditioner bound or summer cabin fever.

However, I will take the heat over the cold any day.

Conchscooter said...

I do not believe drunks squatting on sidewalks begging add character to key west. Its one thing to earn a
Iiving with a city permit by telling dirty jokes or weaving palm fronds but entirely another to harass young women on Duval with shit and piss decorating your trousers. The amount of money and police time wasted on these people could be better spent on people who are trying to improve their lives but can't afford $5,000 to move into the shabbiest of apartments.Key West has an amazing array of social services for those in need.
Jeffrey, I'm ashamed of myself but I am looking forward to taking Cheyenne to Asheville for Thanksgiving... Bring on the cold, temporarily!

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

We are contemplating the hills of Kentucky this fall to see the changing leaves (and enjoy some cool temperatures). Don't be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

It's been hotter in Montana 2600 miles North than it has been in KW. Not complaining as July was our first full month without snow this year and hopefully August will be our second month. The squirrels are a little early gathering their green pine cones so that could be a sign for another long, cold winter like last year's. Me, I'd rather be shoveling sand than snow any day!

Bob from Livingston Montana