Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eccentric Key West

Miniature mansion for sale on Duval. Any takers? You get lots of columns and excellent street side seating to watch drunk tourists stumble by. Not for misanthropes like me, even if I had the money.

On the other hand the new mansion owner will be just around the corner from...It was too early in the day for me to stop by for an El Gaucho Ernesto spicy burrito, which fact didn't stop from wishing.

Love that mixed up brilliant Key West architecture: a Parisian garret window. Am I mad or am I in 19th century Paris?

Nope I'm in Key West where people jog early in the day. Those people who aren't nursing hang overs.

So if you have a mail box you don't want to use it what to do? Remove it? Nah, just put a note on it instead. Luckily letter carriers can read! I love this town.

I like floating on a noodle sometimes when I'm out on the boat, but I really like seeing a noodle put to different use. This one is protecting the public from close encounters of the uncomfortable kind. I have no idea what it's covering either.

What a well behaved dog. I wonder if her gets to walk snout in gutter? Cheyenne never misses the chance to root around so we rarely walk down the middle of the street where there's hardly any tasty trash.

A nice picture of one's hotel is a nice souvenir to take home at the end of a nice vacation. I screwed up my shot of him so I'm hoping he did a better job of his shot of his vacation spot...

How great is it to walk past a flourishing banana tree and know it will be there next week or next month as will you?

Banana trees may seem eccentric plants but around here they are just another leafy palm giving life and color to this small tropical town. Lovely.

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