Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quiet Key West

Bus lines in Key West are named by colors and I enjoyed seeing the Green Line bus stopping to pick up a tennis player on Whitehead Street.

One of Key West's secret economic engines is the military which provides a huge amount of money to the city and also, thanks to low military wages, reliable workers looking for second jobs when spouses work in the city. Base housing can be pretty nice too, quiet and secure behind fences, even though many military elect to live in the city.

Willie Ward Park next to the community pool is a pleasant little spot usually reserved for the idle homeless, and off limits to my industrious furry friend.

This is one reason why people like Key West: great architecture and lovely vegetation.

Key West even makes the stereotypical white picket fence look alluring.

I have always liked bamboo type ferns and I've never had any growing in my garden. So I look at and admire and envy other peoples'.

Even on a gray day Key West has it's own color.

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Anonymous said...

Just bought my airplane ticket for KW. I'll be there for the Meeting of the Minds parrothead party from Oct. 31-Nov. 8th. The ticket price finally went down to $614 ($680 with the fees), but being in the warm weather while it's cold and snowing in Montana and listening to Howie Livingston, Hugo Duarte, Mike McCloud and others play their trop rock music is priceless!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

Have fun!.