Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am no fan of the gruesome t-shirt shops but this one I liked at least in the design. I also like the suggestion of Key West as the home of long curving beaches, parrots and lurid green drinks. It's not my Key West at all!

And yet...who says it's not my Key West? Smathers Beach looks a bit like that curving strip of golden sand on the t-shirt, I have a couple of recliners at home to enjoy the view over the salt ponds. I may not have lurid green drinks at home but I know where there's a bottle or two of Yuengling and Smithwicks. Good enough, all told.

And the vegetation on that t-shirt is all around me when I walk my Key West.

Check this out; a poinciana still blooming strongly on Angela Street.

There has to be a nice sandy beach somewhere near by for a gardener to fill a flower pot with this lovely collection of sea shells.

This next picture, if I were in the habit of naming things, I would call a study in pink.

I enjoy seeing leaves growing through picket fences. They look like they are making a break for freedom.

A fence like this is a reminder on an urban walk of the fecund nature of Key West, bursting with life, such forceful life that it cannot be contained. I'm no botanist but I like watching things grow in Key West.
Flowers not t-shirts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious how green Key West was prior to the advent of water piped in from the mainland. I guess old photos would tell.

Anonymous said...

The only t shirt place I go in is the Margaritaville Cafe. On one wall above the t shirts is a montage of pictures wearing Margaritaville dog collars. The black cocker spaniel in the middle with the name Princey and Livingston Montana is mine. I always have to go in and see that picture to remember that he is back home 1600 miles away waiting for my return and unfortunately I can't stay in KW forever.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

The old pictures I've seen of the Keys show a lot more rock and a lot less landscaping. Barren is the word that comes to mind. Aside from overhead wires and garish advertising the modern keys have a lot of landscaping by comparison.
Bob , I shall take the plunge and take look.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Depends on when the photo was taken.

The older photos, taken before the twin hurricanes of '09 and '10 show a riotous vegetative place. easiest way to check this out is to lok at Thomas Edison's movie of the Maine funeral parade in 1898.

residents brought tropical species to the island back then - they added lots of colour, I'm sure.

The water line went in during WWII - yet there are photos from the 60's (specifically the tax roll photos recently released to the general public) which show a fairly barren city.

I've walked the streets of Galveston after Ike, and a 90% inundation of salt water kills off just about everything. Key West was a uniform brown around the edges after Katrina - but we planted again.