Monday, August 22, 2011


Riding down to Truman Waterfront of a Sunday afternoon I spared a couple of minutes to watch a soccer game in progress at the bottom of Petronia Street.

I have no idea who the Reds were, nor the Blues, but I heard some Latino encouragement from the sidelines. Unfortunately while I was watching, Blue dominated play and was pressing Red at the far end of the field.
I actually enjoy watching soccer even though I am no sports fan. I like the emphasis on field skills, control of the ball, high speed tactics, the ability to think ahead and go for the opening. I know there isn't much scoring relatively speaking but compared to a clunky game like American Football which stops every ten yards, soccer is like ballet.
One of my pleasures in riding at random and looking for pictures is the ability to drop in and drop out of small sideline events always underway somewhere in the Southernmost City.

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