Monday, August 22, 2011

Buildings I Like

I like lots of random buildings I see on my walks. I am no churchgoer but I like looking at churches. They pt me in mind of the deep tropics, islands in the Caribbean, hot sunny and religious.

And buildings that just look like churches are interesting too, with peaked rooflines and large courtyards. The firmly closed gate is not inviting on the other hand as a church should be. Let's not forget that many churches these days are locked which is a practice I find sad.

In this climate metal doesn't last very long especially if left to it's own devices. I am surprised when I see so many old rusted roofs still in daily use. And like this one, modernized with the curse of satellite propaganda.

Sometimes the buildings I like are more of a perspective than a complete building. How often does one get to see a sea of siding like this? I love the effect of all lines flowing to infinity.

And this building on one of the Bahama Village lanes massively enhanced by the presence of a motorcycle in front. The ideal lifestyle in the Keys, a balcony to watch people with a proper motorcycle to ride past them.

There was something decidedly old fashioned about this dude striding along with planks on his head. Since time began people have carried stuff on their heads and even today in the age of infernal combustion, it seems this can still be the best way to get the job done.

This is a well known colorful corner on Petronia Street in Bahama Village. A life loved outdoors and in full color, enhanced by the still blooming flame tree.

By many people's account it has not been terribly hot this August and it hasn't felt that hot to me either. One is never certain what is a "normal" temperature for the time of year but for the most part this summer has been mild.

This building was running it's fans full speed, not that my picture shows it, doing a brilliant job of cooling the air on an otherwise empty porch. I think teaching people the art of conservation won't be easy in a town that has energy to burn, even on a not too hot August morning.

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