Monday, August 22, 2011

My Blue Heaven

When Thérèse arrived at Key West International(!) Airport she was whisked to IHOP for breakfast. She lives in Paris but she spent many of her younger years in the US, and pigs in a blanket at the International House Of Pancakes hit the nostalgic spot on arrival. For her second morning back in Key West my journeyman gardener needed something local.

This place is excellent I said, in a chicken coop, but too expensive for locals. As though to hammer that point home a friend of mine said, of Blue Heaven, "I've heard it's good but the prices..." That's the thing about visitors, they give you carte blanche to splurge.

So splurge we did.

And we were not alone, the place was absolutely packed. We had a half hour wait when we two signed in and all the bar stools were full and people were sprawled in garden chairs in front of the band. The band? Live Caribbean music for a breakfast serenade by a white boy singing not too bad at all.

I by far prefer gentle live music to a television screen while eating as the music added to the funky atmosphere. Is it too much to ask restaurants to get rid of their gruesome TVs? They don't have to add wandering chickens but I hate the attention-sucking TV while eating. A television in the dining room tells me the food is crap.

The food here was not crap, it was perfect.

Late morning mid week and they couldn't run out of customers. Lines dissipated and more hungry people showed up to wait.

Service was good without being intrusive and we got all the (strong - oof!) coffee we could drink.

We both ordered bacon lobster and tomato Hollandaise with a side order of grits and cheese. "I love grits!" Thérèse said clumping corn meal on her plate. They were perfect, of course.

As Buffalo Bill will tell you if you are in town for Goombay, bacon makes anything taste better and it pulled a real number on this lobster and key lime sauce.

We staggered out into daylight passing still more lines of waiting patrons. Blue Heaven cashes in on it's cachet with a dust catcher store alongside. I like the upside down parking sign.

One other thing about Blue Heaven, the owners have been in town for decades and they help everyone they can. Eating at Blue Heaven or Salute puts money to work doing good around town. And the food's not bad either.

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bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

I love Eggs Benedict, but have never tried Lobster Benedict. I love IHOP, we were there again yesterday. Grits are unknown in our area, you'll have to take us there on our pending visit

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

Paying with loonies will make it cheaper. After blue heaven you'll want to try the red garter.

PrissyInParadise said...

I agree with you, please let's get televisions ("idiot boxes", as my grandmother used to call them) out of dining establishments! I love your pictures and descripts of "Blue Heaven". I have a feeling I'm only going to get there when *I* get a tourist in town who really wants to go. My significant other has no desire to eat amongst chickens, though admittedly, I'm not into waiting an hour or more in queue. That being said, I did try their famous carrot and curry soup at "Taste of Key West". Yummmmm!

Conchscooter said...

thanks. its funny because I was trying to clean up the layout and tighten up the words and pictures- blogpress does tend to string the essay out, and i made a mess of it and lost the justification which put the first picture in the "wrong place." grrr. i then decided to leave well enough alone...