Friday, August 5, 2011

Islamorada Art

How I found this spot is hard to say, call it serendipity.

I was driving through Islamorada (purple island) when I got stuck in a long line of slow moving cars in the no passing 45mph zone. It's an endless stretch of no passing and one usually gets stuck behind texting drivers wobbling along at 38 whole mph. I call it Impatience Alley and I have to force myself to think good thoughts as we drone along here every time we leave the Keys. So I pulled off between the Worldwide Sportsman, a fishing emporium, and the hurricane monument.

The hurricane monument is worth a stop, a reminder of the great storm of 1935 when hundreds died alongside the East Coast Railroad Extension which lost so much track it never ran again. But I was here for Art, as it happened.

This is a good spot to walk a dog not least because the secondary road carries no traffic this time of year, but also thanks to the trees that throw a lot of shade.

Morada Way appears to be an official street and along it's length they have a warehouse filled with small businesses beavering away, in the best traditions of boosting our faltering economy.

They've got themselves organized too.

I found a diversity of businesses in the long warehouse building that filled one entire side of the street.

I describe my web page' focus as Key West and the Lower Keys for the very good reason that everything North of the Seven Mile Bridge is quite foreign to me. I know there's stuff the worth checking out but it's pretty hit or miss finding it.

And like so much else there are tons of people here living full and interesting lives and we'll probably never get to meet them.

But they leave interesting tidbits behind even when they are away.

Some friends have suggested we make a road trip this dead season, up the Keys to stop and explore along the way.I'm putting this place up for a vote.

Perhaps we'll skip the UPS warehouse.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

You do Card Sound Road regularly - why not fill in some of the gaps - one key at a time?

I agree with you, though - the Upper Keys seem to move at a quicker pace than us trolls south of Seven Mile.

And yes - November. I am literally going thru shifting withdrawal - won't even ride my scooters anymore, for they suck. Belt-driven bastards.