Sunday, August 7, 2011

Key West Pix 2

The big statue has disappeared from the Customs House on Front Street. I missed a few things while I was on vacation, including Hemingway Days, but the disappearing statue is rather nice as it leaves the front of the building open for the first time in ages.

I saw this cyclist apparently stroking out in the heat but as I approached he clearly was just checking his bicycle.

The letter carrier seemed to be coping okay with the 96 degree afternoon. That seems like a tough job.

Sighting down the sidewalk into Truman Annex always makes for a nice looking picture so I snapped one.

"What are you photographing?" a puzzled passer-by asked. When I told her she didn't seem impressed as I pointed out the color contrasts. I liked the picture well enough. What it actually is I couldn't rightly say, except that it was a bean pod on a tree with gray leaves.

Some people like to decorate their gates rather fancifully. This one was next door to Harpoon Harry's, the diner on Caroline Street at Margaret.

I noticed an ad for boat rentals. I was quite impressed by the selection of boats. I guess a trip behind the Half Shell would be a good idea if one were in the market to rent a boat.

I frequently notice a bunch of guys hanging out at the music shop on Caroline. Dogs welcome which is a good sign. I think I would be viewed as a little too buttoned down to hang with those free spirits.

Captain Key West told me to look for a peculiar palm while exiting from K Mart plaza toward Kennedy. I gave it my best shot but on my first pass I missed it.

Whatever it was.

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