Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Dilemmas

Ignoring the photographers my dilemma is: should I intervene when I see people struggling with a map. Being kind to visitors is the mantra in Key West, a town that lives by tourism which is also a town that takes pleasure in cursing tourists with names like "tourons," tourist-morons, and treats them like nuisances. Partly I think because so many people who are rude about visitors were themselves visitors in a recent yesterday.

Thérèse was adamant about not helping, saying getting lost is half the fun. I am not so sure, but the dilemma lives on. Besides that, I have to ask myself: why?

Why is there a mirror posted at cross purposes on the back of an SUV? Perhaps because the vehicle is just too big. I had a similar mirror on the 18-wheeler I used to drive.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

These mirrors are used all the time in Asia on minivans and SUV's - it's not a function of size, rather its the need to see the back bumper for parallel parking.

Since Americans don't parallel park - no need.