Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whale Harbor Channel

I have never eaten here but it is a stand out landmark at around Mile Marker 84. I have eaten at the Braza Leña restaurant which is part of this vast complex, but the all you can eat theme does not appeal to me much at all.

I think it leads to over eating and God knows we have plenty of that already, so I am not sure encouraging people to get their money's worth is all to the good, even if the quality of the food is good. It is a striking place, nevertheless.

Every time I come over the Whale Harbor bridge heading home I see this sailboat anchored out in the same spot on the south side. It's a Morgan Out Island ketch of 44 or 46 feet, known to some uncharitable sailors as an 'Outhouse' owing to it's massive accommodations and stubby keel which prevent it sailing to windward very well at all. They were extremely popular boats nevertheless as they could sail in shallow waters and accommodate a family easily and they weren't horribly expensive. I've seen them in harbors all over Central America.

Compared to the waters alongside, the Overseas Highway is not terribly attractive at all. You look at this mish mash of failed urban planning and wonder why no one wants to make it look more attractive.

The beauty of the highway is that anywhere there is room you can pull over and enjoy the views where they are worth looking at. Or you could be like most drivers and dawdle on the road and drive distracted instead.

Across the channel, looking East one can see the other marina and resort complex, Holiday Isle, that lines the channel.

But before I left to drive over I had a quick look around, a sunken boat off the point of Whale Harbor Resort, to add to the rustic Keys charm.

The open waters to the south are reached by a well sign-posted channel that runs alongside the famous Whale Channel Sand Bar. It's a party spot where hundreds of boats will show up, and drink will be taken. With the expected results.

Under the highway the channel stretches off to the north and the not too distant waters of Florida Bay.

The bridge is short and not so high but any gain in height gives an extra view from these flat islands.

Holiday Isle has a fleet of large charter boats. Islamorada is known world wide for the quality of it's fishing, especially the deep waters of the Straits of Florida.

This time of year it's not so busy but with the fame this place enjoys it's hard to imagine it won't be this winter.

Let us hope the renown of Islamorada, different from the fame of Key West, pulls in the tourist dollars.

It all else fails perhaps they'll come and take a drive on the newly designated...

...but always scenic Overseas Highway!

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blameitonbuffett said...


I'm not a huge fan of the Buffet either. The glutonous end result usually leaves me feeling bloated and somehow regretful that I didn't stop at 3 lbs. of snow crab legs. I have, however, indulged myself at Whale Harbor on a few occasions and I rank it among the best Buffets I have ever walked out of miserable and bloated.

Conchscooter said...

That is worth knowing. Now I'm curious to give it a try damn you!

Dale said...

Isnt Wahoo's right next to this place? Wahoo's has indoor and outdoor eating...outdoor has a long, probably a hundred foot bar, giving a great view of the Atlantic over the small marina where the charter boats live. Its one of my regular stops coming and going to Key West

Conchscooter said...

I really will have to look closer at this place won't I?