Thursday, August 11, 2011

Odds And Sods

There are days when I head into town with no idea where my exploration will take me and what will fall before my camera's all seeing eye. For instance I never set out to take a picture of a large crowd of trash cans huddled in front of one of Key West's superb Old Town residences, like peasants petitioning the squire.

My! I thought to myself. What a lot of rubbish we do generate...

Cyclists I always like to photograph and this one impressed me with his visible sense of purpose and his huge back pack. Dude, it was ninety six degrees out the and the pack looked enormous from the sweltering sidewalk. Really, it did at the time.

Key West, Conch Republic, 8 square miles surrounded by the bluest, prettiest waters in the world. Reality is much further away.

For instance I'm sure they have trees in Ithaca, wherever that is, but do they have trees that grow scuba gear? How about that for a reality trip!

And do they have miles of available free parking for powered two wheelers in Ithaca? Well that they probably have but I'll bet they don't use it much in winter, which is when scooter parking gets busiest down here, well south of reality.

Well, there we have it. Who knew I'd end up speculating wildly about some place in New York I've never been and likely never will. You never know what will happen when you walk the streets of Key West with a camera.

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chuck and the Pheebs said...

like the title; miss the town.

doctor jimmy and mister jim
when I'm pilled you don't notice him
he only comes out when i drink my gin

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Chuck knows Jimmy Cooper. Were you a Mod in England in 1973? Who knows.

Conchscooter said...

hidden depths, son, hidden depths.