Monday, August 29, 2011

The Other Porch

I like that bar on Caroline Street at Duval called The Porch. Indeed I prefer to the place on the east side of my little house that goes by the same name. My own porch is eight feet by twenty-four and used properly it would give our 800 square foot home a whole extra room.

Having an uncomfortable porch is silly in a place where porch living is synonymous with Florida living. Who lives in the Fabulous Florida Keys and doesn't want to have a nice comfortable space to enjoy outdoors?

Prodded by the boys, yesterday we pulled out all the crap that passed for furniture and piled it all on the deck. Then we went to work pulling out the mosquito netting and worn out wooden trim.

We had a quotation from a professional for five hundred bucks to replace the mosquito netting. But as we thought about it we realized we have never really been bothered by mosquitoes up here despite the holes and the lack of a door and so why do we need to enclose it at all?

I loathe netting; it cuts the air flow and makes the space claustrophobic. You can't lean on the hand rail, balance a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunlight on the greenery, with that stupid netting boxing you in.

We tore it out and Chuck took my picture to prove that I wasn't just standing around watching them work.

Wayne, the former carpenter was our leader and he soaked his t-shirt working like a dog. That was humbling.

Wayne's better half liked to pose and look butch but we are fond of Chuck so we tried to be sweet to the big boy with the big power washer nozzle.

It's silly but I am really looking forward to installing our new more comfortable rocking chairs and our properly square table, with a few plants potted by the fabulous Thérèse and not much else.

Clean and simple is what I want to end up with when it's painted, though I'm sure my wife and the boys will want dust catchers. We've opened up the north end which used to be closed off with impenetrable damned netting, so that will make this stretch of side deck accessible for the first time. We never used to circle the entire house to get here unless the air conditioning pump or satellite radio antenna needed attention. Now we have a whole new walkway. Cool.

The real power behind the washer was Wayne of course and he did the honors, finishing off our Sunday chore.

Now if the painter finally returns our call we'll pay him to scrape and paint or else we may end up doing it ourselves if Key's Disease prevents him from following up on our initial appointment. We'd like to spread some work around but if the pros can't be bothered, what the hell, we'll do it ourselves.

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Amanda said...

Living in Punta Gorda, I was a fan of the screen on our porch, as the mosquitoes could be awfully problematic, and the view was great without it.

In the BVI, I'm glad to finally have a porch I want to inhabit again, as my best Florida memories were sitting on the porch, and I'm hoping to create a few more of those here, even if the mozzies are more bothersome with no screens to protect me.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

Having lived in the Adirondacks for nearly 20 years, I can assure you that there is no greater luxury than an outdoor porch, adjoining the kitchen, on the second level of the house. Nothing beats have dinner or breakfast, at the first level of the singing birds, dutring the rare two-week period in the late spring andthe corresponding time at the end of the summer, outside, on the porch.

But unless the porch is screened-in with a high-quality, dense, polyester "no-see-um" screening, you might just as well throw yourself to tigers. I can's imagine sitting on a porch that was unscreened.

Still, you must know best... But won't a screened-in porch keep the lizards from getting some of your "crops?"

Fondes regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

We haven't had proper screening on the porch forever. The sand fleas are an issue downstairs but the net guy said he can't screen against those as the mesh would be too fine and would blow out too easily.
If the insects do get too much we could screen later. And it's too shady for plants.
It's odd how we take nettingnfor granted and expect it to be there. I will be curious to see how this experiment proceeds.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Looks good!

As long as you have a little breeze and bug repellent - you'll be fine. We don't have any screening in KW and it's tolerable save for the early evening hours.