Monday, August 29, 2011

Driving In The Dark

So here's a question: why are drivers afraid to burn their headlights?

I have read that among other hair raising driving techniques in India, they prefer not to use their lights after dark for fear of wearing them out. Really, check ADVRider's stories of derring do motorcyclists in India if you don't believe me. The thing that bothers me is that too many drivers in the Keys seem to feel the same way. I was out on the road shortly after dawn on a rainy Monday morning and there they were, the drivers afraid of wearing out their headlights.

It seems like lunacy to me and yet people do it all the time.

In the photo above you can see two cars a quarter mile away near Boca Chica Naval Air Station but the closer car cruising in the passing lane (grrr!) isn't nearly as visible. I hope the driver is playing with his phone to have a proper excuse for driving badly and not paying attention. Perhaps I need to take a riding trip in India to get a better perspective.

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