Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain Walk

The funny thing about summer storms is that they are completely localized. I was at work all night in Key West, where nothing fell from the sky yet when I turned onto my street the next morning the was a sapling down covering half the street. I saw further evidence of the overnight winds while out walking Cheyenne on Big Pine Key in the afternoon:

And rain is so commonplace, at last, that puddles are everywhere.

My footwear looks odd only as long as you think a walk around here involves only dry land.

Things look fresh and green even under a leaden sky

And I imagine the traveller's palm is sucking up water in these submarine conditions. I discovered these fan like plants store water In their branches and when taken short you could theoretically cut a stem and drink from it.

The air is hot and muggy and wet, it feels like it will never get dry again yet this winter when the humidity is gone and my hair feels like straw I will rue these hot quiet afternoons of summer.

These back streets of Big Pine are off the beaten track for most people and clearly no one important lives here, for this roadwork has never been completed.

The Spottswoods who own a private island at the end of my street would never allow the county to keep a section of gravel on our street. When the road got washed out in a storm back in 2005 the rutted section was cleaned and the surface replaced within days. I was astonished at the time, until I found out how important influence is to keep the wheels greased and turning.

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