Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walking That Dog Of Mine

Despite the heat Cheyenne enjoys taking her afternoon walks before I go to work and with the advent of gray skies promised by the presence of the late Tropical Storm Emily collapsing in the Caribbean, the temperatures have dropped quite a bit which is good for a furry yellow Labrador.

On one of our circular suburban walks we aways encounter a couple of noisy guardians of a particular section of street. You'd think they'd get to recognize this weekly visitor to their domain but every time they are as shrill and insistent as banshees. They make the case for owning a large peaceful dog.

Cheyenne lumbers by and ignores them with perfect aplomb, which makes me want to cheer her especially loudly for being so supremely indifferent.

She does the same thing toward Key deer who graze this neighborhood. Then she needs a rest and a refreshing drink of puddle water that doubles as water fountain and dog bath.

After her drink a little snack is in order and luckily we strolled past a home where the concept of trash cans with well fitting lids has not yet been explored. Indeed the innovation of using trash cans at all has not been discovered by some homeowners who would rather let the raccoons pick brought their beer cans and food wrappers.

All in all it was quite the successful walk especially as Cycle World had an interesting article on Triumphs past and present. We all got what we wanted out of our stroll.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Do you stop to read while Cheyenne explores, or do you walk and read?

Conchscooter said...

It depends. If we are walking on a surface I can step without looking I read and walk, like a priest reading his breviary. If it is likely I will trip, walk into a hole or hit a tree I refrain. I also take time to enjoy my surroundings.