Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bahia Honda Sunrise

I have come to accept that I like coming to this spot alongside Highway One a lot more than my dog does.

Cheyenne accepts my preference with good grace and jumps out of the car with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm that shrivels a little when she realizes we are back here again...

With late sunrises thanks to extended Summer Time I can get home from work, park the Bonneville and shuffle Cheyenne into the car before the sun has even hit the horizon.

Twelve minutes later I can be parked off the Overseas Highway at the south end of the Bahia Honda (deep bay) Bridge camera in hand.

And there to fiddle with apertures and shutter speeds while my Labrador snuffles through the rotting seaweed and thick grasses to see what she can find.

I suppose one could argue that a solid Florida Keys sunrise is a cliché, but if it is, so be it.

I like watching the sun come up on another day. Thursday, today, promises to be great.

Traffic is never very far away and for most people seven in the ante meridian is commute time and they are busy rushing.

For me the work day is over, and has been for a couple of hours, sleep overtakes me at seven am and I am ready for bed just as the sun is about to start getting busy.

It really is quite spectacular; pity the poor drunks home abed sleeping it off.

It doesn't last too long so here as in so much else in life, timing is everything.

Cheyenne stopped right there and announced by her immobility she was ready to go home to breakfast.

I wanted to press on another forty yards and get a proper view out over the water.

As pointed out previously this tiny slope is the nearest thing to a hill for miles around.

It's hard to get proper panoramic views when life is lived at sea level.

Better this than a foggy morning or a snowfield, for me. Besides it was pleasantly cool, less than eighty degrees and copious coverage with repellent kept the mosquitoes at bay.

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byrdman6969 said...

mornin conch scooter. the red and white plane just off the over seas highway. you mentioned before what movie it was in. what was the movie again ? sunny. nice and 83 degrees in columbia,sc.............BYRDMAN

Conchscooter said...

It has gone. was it a James Bond flick?

byrdman6969 said...

think so

Zuzu and Tootie said...

The movie was True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some scenes were filmed at the large ocean front estate on Lower Sugarloaf Key as well as the nail biting scene on the old Seven Mile Bridge. The plane used to sit on the grounds of Sugarloaf Lodge at MM17 next to US-1. The plane disappeared last spring I believe. Too bad they took it away.

Sugarloaf Chuck