Thursday, September 29, 2011

Casa Marina Dawn

It is that time of year when the sun doesn't even start to appear until almost 6:30.

The cloudy rainy weather of the past few days has retarded the arrival of daylight even more. I quite enjoy riding home in the dark of the morning and arriving under the house as though at midnight. The start of winter time in a few weeks will change that when daylight comes an hour earlier.

Casa Marina is the high priced neighborhood of Key West, broad streets, large lots and no commerce to speak of.

Like most wealthy neighborhoods anywhere, this one has lots of greenery to decorate the streets.

But because this is Key West the neighborhood mixes older McMansions and elderly characteristic small Florida homes built half a century ago. All of which makes it, like anywhere in Key West, defiant of stereotyping and worth a wander.

Flagler's Casa Marina Resort - nowadays proudly described as a Waldorf Astoria Property- is the big commercial enterprise on this side of town.

Flagler built resorts on the east coast of Florida to attract travelers to his East Coast Railroad. In Key West he built this monument to his folly to attract winter riders to the Key West Extension. I tried to picture guests parking themselves here but I figured it was just poor syntax that made the sign read like some absurd surreal Monty Python skit.

We had no key card so on we plodded, Cheyenne and I.

The window in the blank wall managed to look inviting.

Blank wall I said? Like this:

Gables, banana leaves and porches.

A much more interesting profile to look at. Key West looking pretty.

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