Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being Outdoors

The magician Thérèse planted the flowering pot when she was here a few weeks ago and the thing is sprouting like Jack and the Beanstalk' magic plant. I have to keep moving the Bonneville to prevent it getting overgrown...

I was out with the dog wandering one of her preferred patches of highway shoulder when I saw a lone bike roaring by, straight pipes and all. Last weekend was the Poker Run and now it's as if it never was.

The ocean is glinting beautifully, under the September sun. We've had lots of gentle breezes to keep the temperature around 90 degrees and humidity free.

Mid afternoon tends to be a little warm for herself so walks tend to be short. After I've gone to work and the sun has gone down my wife will take Cheyenne out for a night time stroll when she can be a bit friskier.

I know she's gearing up for winter

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