Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Street

We got a note at work a while back about a new street that had been designated in Key West. For as intimately as I have to know the city for my job, every now and again a new alley or lane pops up into my field of view.

How many people, I wonder know where Gonzalez Lane is (The Meadows) or Prospect Alley (behind the San Carlos) or Michael Lane (in front of the offices of the Aqueduct) among many others. Moeller in front of the Regal Cinema isn't actually a city street, it was named by the developer after himself.

But McCarthy Lane is a bonafide new street in New Town off Duck Avenue just north of 14th Street which itself is properly known as Glynn Archer Drive...

It turns out McCarthy has but one address 1341, which is the apartment complex looking good in these pictures. It's owned and operated by AIDS Help and they say open to anyone who wants to rent.

So, if in order to win a bet you ask someone what is the newest street in this city chartered in 1828, here is the answer.

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