Sunday, September 18, 2011

Commuting Key West

Driving in toward Key West just after dawn you would be astonished by the number of car drivers that fear wearing out their headlights.

While one can agree that technically it is probably day time one feels compelled to ask why would they want to risk getting hit head on for want of turning on their headlights? A dark truck on a dark morning with headlights off is almost as stupid as the cyclist who rides in the street when a perfectly acceptable bike path is alongside. Yet here we see a cyclist in delicious spandex and helmet riding right next to the traffic lane, as is his right.

Yet to put oneself at risk of getting hit by a driver distracted by a phone conversation seems like lunacy to me. There he is riding on the highway shoulder with a smooth straight bike
path off to his right. Why, dear God, why? And then we have school zones in town.

The theory behind them makes perfect sense, slow down for children. The practice of slowing to ten or fifteen miles per hour with not a child in sight seems decidedly odd to me but there we are. It's no loss as long as your fellow drivers don't get bored and forget where they are; there's always a risk of getting rear ended. And here is another odd man on a bike once again preceding to ride in traffic than use the somewhat inadequate bike path.

I am no foe of cyclists though their habits are quote odd. This next guy on White Street appeared to be texting as he pedaled; quite a feat.

Guy was a serious rider intent on getting where he was going.

And the ubiquitous scooter is an ideal travel vehicle for getting to work in Key West.

I was standing in the empty lot across from the former José's Cantina waiting for Cheyenne to finish grazing the grass.

It was fun watching how various people were making their way across town.

It was a lovely morning it seemed a pity to waste it at work.

I was glad I work nights.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...


Was Bike Week all that bad?

Conchscooter said...

No, I stayed home and read ADVrider instead. They inspire me.

fxrguy said...

Never heard of ADVrider till I read your comment. Checked it out and am very impressed. At first blush it appears to be mostly about dual sport touring. My days of off road riding are over, but I to can dream. At one time I wanted to pick up a KLR 650 and start doing off road riding in north Georgia and the Carolina's but I waited too long. My spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. A bad back won't allow that anymore.

Conchscooter said...

It started as off road but the is lots of road riding. Put road king south America into the search field. The search function sucks but eventually it will yield the right story.
Day trips is a lot of fun too.