Sunday, September 18, 2011

Key West Pix 12

Random pictures of Key West, above a palm framed by a tree and a house and below, more banal, Waste Management tackling downtown revelry trash.

I have never found Duval Street easy to photograph. I'm not sure why, perhaps because it's the famous street in the city and I can't capture that essence of fame. It just looks banal in my pictures, even when spiced up with cyclists in motion.

For some Key West is a jigsaw that doesn't quite work out. That's not surprising really as the island is a rectangle offset from e cardinal points of the compass so nothing quite matches up.

The old Wachovia building at the more-or-less north end of Duval Street.

I empathize with her need to record stuff even as it flashes by.

This is Jack Riepe heaven: a cluster of women cyclists. For me it's just another reason to learn patience.

This on the other hand is how it should be, with the car put away and the motorcycle ready form instant use.

Looking south from South Roosevelt Boulevard:

Looking southeast more or less from the same spot.

I told you the island isn't square.

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