Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mexican Trike

Mercury was the messenger of the Gods, and the God of Trade, thus a fine name for a delivery tricycle, just like this Mercurio.

This is a story of disappointment. I noticed this machine from the street and the closer I looked the more I realized this was the One That Got Away.

We were anchored in Isla Mujeres on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, our plan being to sail for Key West as soon as the weather looked favorable. A 335 mile crossing would take three days in the fickle currents that separate Mexico from Florida. That the journey ended up taking two weeks owing to the sudden onset of bad weather that sent us on an unexpected detour has nothing to do with this story.

After two years spent cruising Mexico and Central America on both coasts we had seen hundreds of these tricycles doing sterling work hauling all manner of stuff everywhere. I wanted one.

My dog was getting old and I figured this would make a great ride for her. Plus I could haul stuff with it from the boat around town. All I had to figure out was how to get it from Mexico to Key West. Suddenly that seemed simple enough, our sailing catamaran had a wide foredeck; I figured we'd just stick it on the deck in front of the mast. Easy peasy.

Well, my wife put the kibosh on the whole plan, looking me as though I were insane. No tricycle, no mad foredeck cargo. Forget it. However I never did quite forget the ornate tricycles in Mexico. Indeed when we were in Puerto Madero on the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico we had taken a tricycle taxi back to our boat and that ride from the taco stand to the harbor stuck in my memory.

I have the appropriate accessories to ride this magnificence but all I could do was look. Theban employee of the business showed up and he shattered all my fond memories. He said it was a horrible ride, it felt as though it were about to tip over on each and every corner and the other delivery people preferred to push it than ride it. They all preferred the traditional towed tricycle to the Mexican pusher. I was crushed.

I guess that as Cheyenne ages she will have to make do without a splendid Mexican Mercurio to play the princess riding in the front. Boo hiss. I'd even planned to get her a soft cushion to ride on.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Check out the most recent issue of Popular Mechanics (or at least the last one I have - cover is about Area 51). They have an article about the newest bicycle haulers or accessories.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Oh and also an article about Fracking.

Conchscooter said...

they had a danish tricycle in the citizen earlier this eyar but it costs thousands of dollars.
I hope they hate fracking.

Unknown said...

Mr Conchscooter:

the Orange caught my eye ! All photos are orange today, even the Croc pOrn

I would love to have a Tuk Tuk, or an Ape (Ah pay)

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