Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I wondered why this truck was traveling 38 miles per hour in a 45mph zone. We dawdled for quite a while at this absurd speed, but there was nothing visibly wrong. The passenger hand came out a couple of times and spilled trash along the highway even as I kept my place three seconds behind the truck for five miles as we moseyed along the double yellow lines.

It was boring, give them that. Perhaps they were on their way to an unappealing job and trying to delay the inevitable. That this was an exercise in fuel economy seemed highly unlikely.

When we reached my goal, the dotted yellow lines where I could pass the truck, sensing no doubt an imminent loss of control, the driver speeded up to 52 miles per hour yet insufficient to put me off passing. However oncoming traffic kept me in my place. We drifted through Summerland Key back at 38mph when we were safely stuck back behind solid yellow lines. Happily the supply of trash had apparently run out and no more flew from the window.
Bad driving is common on the Overseas Highway; what is rare is to see it done with name and phone number listed on the back of the vehicle. Clearly this was no genius at the wheel!

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

There is a type of individual so at a loss to exercise any influence over their personal life, they feel the need to impact others in a negative fashion.

I've encountered it before.

Best thing you can do is simply pity them - and appreciate you're life is relatively free of such vicissitudes.

and - witnessing and photographing littering of Andy's Auto Repair - can't you recommend a fine for littering?

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I find no excuse for littering (and especially burns me to see people doing it with their non-decomposing cigarette butts - they are plastic people, not paper). Ironically this vehicle is somebody in Monroe county by the area code. Nice to see assholes live every where.

We have just have hypocrites here in Lee county - I finally met some of the ones you speak off CS. Bigoted, narrow minded, but in rapture of the almighty. Ironically they are in the business arena. Sigh

Conchscooter said...

Chuck,My fine for littering is community service. Knocking on doors and apologizing in person. Jeffrey don't worry the rapture's coming soon then they'll leave us in peace to be ravished and killed by Satan. We're busy practicing on Duval at 2 am nightly. And if they don't get us the Mayan calendar nonsense will.

Anonymous said...

Peak Oil will get the litter bug, road trippers and RV users all at the same time. It will be and equal opportunity reality check.