Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Palatial Indian Dinner

Chuck knew Layne my wife missed her Indian experience because Key West needs Indian. Son he did his research and found this with excellent reviews not far from where we were staying.

The Palace in Weston was going to be good we knew that, but the signs weren't great. Too many servers crowded us and there was not any sense of coherence in our service. We ordered a large Kingfisher beer and got a small and at that point another waiter told our original server that there are no large Kingfishers any more. But they were on the menu...

We got our chips and onion relish, we got some beers and we got confusion in waiting the table. The waitress was not familiar with the food so we made our choices, two lamb and a chicken for main course and a plate filled with deep fried deliciousness for an appetizer to share.

It all worked out but it should be a reminder that expert wait staff is integral to the dining experience. A great chef is great but a crap waiter makes the dinner crap if the diners aren't experienced or lucky or careful.

Wayne liked how clean the place was. I just liked the décor.

And the bread. We ordered a mixed basket of naan, four flavors for ten bucks. Yum.

Wayne got the chicken in a rich sauce and reminded me of Mexican molé, which Wayne thought sounded disgusting. It was good stuff whatever you called it. The lamb was superb especially the dish cooked in pomegranate sauce.

It makes me hungry just looking at the pictures...

We went back home to sleep in La Quinta leaving the boys in the RV.

Cheyenne even got her own bed in a corner of the room. We slept spindly, filled with delicious Indian food. It's funny what matters when you go to the mainland.

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