Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone Boating

The state flag flying over Key West Bight may be a bit tatty but it's mostly sun worn because the sun shines a great deal down here.

So naturally even in the quiet month of the year boat captains have to stand around and ponder their boats before the ten o'clock start to the commercial boating day. There's nothing quite like standing around nattering and stealing a moment from the day with a colleague.

There's tons of advertising claiming the finest boating trip in the world leaving Key West. While I cannot claim to have a clue, never having ridden any of them, except sunset tall ship cruises, one of them has to be right for somebody.

The big catamarans are floating bars but they too leave in the morning which must make for an epic day for their passengers.

I cannot drink during the day or I get a headache and instantly pass out. This dude loved my dog but she was excessively interested in his brown bagged can rather than him.

Some people can drink alcohol in the middle of the day, no problems. Some people can do it and have the crew drive the boat for them.

However you don't need a multimillion dollar boat to get a crew driving for you. Take a parasail trip, and do it in September when the crowds are away and customers are at a premium.

The tedious part of being a captain is giving the pre-departure speech. It's like giving the safety speech on a commercial airliner and the passengers have to listen while all they wantto do is be out on the water.

All the waterborne activity looked good not just to me.

All the coming and going from the smallest...

...to the biggest. Registering a Key West boat in an unpronounceable out of state venue seems rather not local.

And what would a harbor be without a quiet little rat boat, someone's floating home docked in the middle of all the noise?

Key West Bight is a working harbor, not shrimpers like thirty years ago, but the city will take what it can get. And this sort of boating is a lot cleaner if less picturesque than commercial fishermen who have retreated to Stock Island.

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