Monday, September 26, 2011

Elizabeth Street

Who, I ask myself has the patience to carve such intricate and lovely gate decorations?

Light and shade. I am pathetic, I guard my chilled air jealously with closed doors this time of year; others are stronger than I.

I am endlessly fascinated by the picket fence motif and Key West greenery spilling everywhere. I see scenes like this and I almost want to live in town.

I have a new bougainvillea plant and despite some iguana assaults is doing the best I have ever seen such a plant grow in any garden of mine. Not like this one but mine is getting bigger.

Who could resist the appeal of this scene?

And miracle of miracles, some people have money enough to keep these old buildings looking good.

And are willing to spend it. Key West has an economy all it's own, in a world gone mad.

Construction workers, the latest endangered North American species.

Cheyenne ploughs on regardless, enjoying her street walk and dragging me willingly behind her.

Soon it will be October and the dreaded Fantasy Fest will be on everyone's lips. For now it's quiet time.

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