Monday, September 26, 2011

Pole Sitting

The US Coastguard maintains aids to navigation in US waters, but birds take advantage of them.

All over the place.

Cormorants are diving birds and they need to go deep underwater to catch the fish they crave.

To do that they can't have oily feathers because oil would make them too buoyant. So after they have lunched they need to dry out between dives before they get waterlogged.

They look goofy but cormorants spot their prey from high in the air and can dive deeper than you or I on one breath and they reach speeds higher than are legal on the Overseas Highway.

They swim like torpedoes these fearsome birds of prey.

Seagulls are known as rats of the sea because they are opportunists.

They are as nothing compared to the brilliant cormorants.

And there they all are, sunbathing, as any sun loving Floridian should be of a weekend.

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