Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Every other Tuesday I work a bizarre shift from 2am to 6am which means I leave the house at the ungodly hour of one am and every time this shift comes round I loathe it.

Crawl out of a warm bed, step over a dead-to-the-world dog, abandon a sleeping wife and blast off into the night across the Overseas Highway. The weird 2 am shift isn't all bad.

On a sleepless night I can sometimes bring myself to leave home early and get into town with a few minutes to spare and thus give myself the pleasure of a ride round Key West when the drunks and respondents are on the street.

If you need an extra mattress I found a few on Packer Street giving the neighborhood a much needed civic boost.

I felt like hopping the fence and enjoying an open air barbecue in this lovely little corner... I'd be pissed if I went to the lengths this family has to make a nice place to sit out and the across the street sits a pile of moldering mattresses...Key West al fresco is almost a birthright.

Thats a new one for me. An official vendor. Does the red cross have unofficial vendors too?

Dons Place looming up out of the darkness. They serve their first beers of the day at seven in the morning.

I've seen this pottery emporium before. It seems to be more than one store, one called island pottery and the other called Key West pottery. Both look quite interesting.

I stopped for another picture a little further up Truman and there as a Harley parked across the street from Bare Assets a fine late night rendezvous vous if you want to look at naked Slavic women fishing for a green card and permanent residence in the land of the free.

Welcome to Key West, says the signs and here you are in Old Town where naked ass is welcome.

I have never been inside Bare Assets and I don't intend to go. It just seems sad and rather dowdy to me.

I'd rather be at work which I guess makes me as bizarre as the shift.

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irondad said...

Don't you usually work nights?

Len said...

It's hard to tell with the close-up shot but isn't the pottery store in the building that used to be the bicycle shop on Truman? The guy that owns(ed) that place is a really nice guy so I'd hate to see that he's no longer in business... so goes the eb-and-flow of Key West business I guess.

David B. said...

I think it's in the building where Sturtz Lock and Key used to be. They moved out to Flagler Ave. Truman Bicycle is still there.

Conchscooter said...

Good job David, exactly right. I'm no potter but the store looks great.
The bike shop is doing fine Len.
I do work nights which is why, on a short shift night I was in town at 1:30 in the morning. I needn't have gone to work, Lisa the trainee kicked ass, as usual.

Honest Works said...

I just found your blog post about our Pottery shop and thought I would chime in. My husband and I run the which we teach wet clay classes, paint your own pottery, and sell our work from the gallery!. It is all one shop but both a studio and gallery. Thanks for the post Conchscooter!

light and gratitude,

Honest Works Island Pottery co.