Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Key West At Rest

I liked the picture before I took it, hardly aware of what i was looking at, and blow me down if he wasn't riding to work on a Bonneville, a 2009 model to judge by the delicious plum color. Not as pretty as my 2007 Goodwood Green but his is unencumbered by luggage so the lines are pure. Enlarge the photo and drink in the scene. Key West on a Triumph.

The Southernmost Point of the Continental United States sits there quite ignored in September. Give it a few months and the lines will be endless for the photos that prove the presence of the vacationer at this hallowed spot. Right now one can get pictures totally alone right here. Cuba they keep repeating is 90 miles away, closer than the nearest Walmart. I listen to Cuba on my car radio, Radio Rebelde, La Voz de la Revolucion, at 620am. It's not the voice that was broadcast on the go from the Sierra Maestra 60 years ago when Castro was hopeful and Batista was corrupting everything. Bourgeois broadcasting is creeping into advertising-free Cuban airwaves. I wonder how long before Walmart buys time on the Voice of the Revolution.

The unfortunate side of visiting quiet and peaceful Key West right now is that quite a few places are closed for their annual vacations. Want a crêpe? You'll just have to wait a few weeks. I went past the place now calling itself a French Café and they were closed till mid October. Art galleries don't all close.

Many restaurants choose this time of year to close for a break, including Bobalu's on Big Coppitt, when the crowds are less and everyone can get their breath back before the next round of craziness. Besides, some years hurricane evacuations wreck September tourism.

Summer rain, clouds and a time to see a slightly different Key West. It's all good- don't you loathe that cliché?

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Brady said...


No crepes? It's not like the French to take vacation... (Or go on strike, or riot.)

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Conchscooter said...

Living in Germany is good for you. most Americans have no idea how little Europeans like each other. You should have seen the looks I got riding through Germany with an Italian tag on an Italian bike 30 years after Italy lost the reich for the Germans. Thank God time is passing and Germans can now get mad at the French for tearing apart the euro...