Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Sunny Day

My wife had long since gone to work, I was drinking my tea and wondering how long I could delay moving myself and taking Cheyenne for her morning walk. Nature intervened and a massive sudden downpour hit the house with a gust of wind and no other warning.

Cheyenne dropped back and laid down in sight of the sliding door, watching the rain spatter the porch. I knew that if we got in the car we could find sunshine either west toward Summerland or east toward Big Pine but if Cheyenne was content to wait out the rain I figured I could too.

It passed soon enough leaving puddles and shiny wet foliage.

The sun was magnificent, abetted by a cooling southeast breeze it felt like the world was reborn.

I couldn't help but notice how the sun on the water and the sun on the wet asphalt had a similar silvery effect...

I don't think Cheyenne cared one way or another, as she was ready to dive into the mangroves to find what she could find.

My Labrador gets very busy following her nose, coming and going while ignoring me altogether.

I amused myself looking around finding debris abandoned years ago in the woods. How a truck axle found it's way here and got left behind...

I got the South Pacific vibe looking at this wooden house framed by bendy palms. The occupant was not at all happy to see my dog and I appearing on the little used trail.

I have her a cheery good morning which she could not ignore before disappearing into her hermit's hut. A good woman no doubt, as indifferent to strangers as am I.

Cheyenne stayed busy.

I simply

Stood and took

Random pictures

For my pleasure.

I was enjoying the puffy summer clouds, the strange holes in the oolite rocks; it was a pleasant stroll after the summer rains.

It was a great break in a busy day, a day filled with housework and chores and things that needed to get done, on my single night off work this week.

I used to hate the rains when the presaged the cold short days of winter. But when they mark the long hot days of summer I know I will miss them starting in six weeks when winter kicks in, snowbirds descend and the Keys get busy.

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hanrry said...

nice pictures, keep doing a great job.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

The Keys are the only place in the Us where you could have a setting like this without the threat of alligators. Of course, there are the scorpions.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads