Friday, September 2, 2011

All Shuttered Up

In between taking other pictures downtown it occurred to me Key West is home to a great many designs in the world of shutters. These on the 400 block of Duval are classic Bahama shutters.

As it happens so are these in the picture below. I think they look good but I'm told by those that have used them they tend to rattle in strong winds. I'm not sure I'd like the feeling of being permanently closed in by them.

These are the kind of old fashioned shutters I grew up with in Italy. Though we didn't have a bar to put across them to keep hurricanes out when we were away.

I like these shutters because on sunny days they throw a interesting pattern of light across the walls and floors when they are partially opened.

These next shutters aren't shutters at all but louvers I noticed high up on a wall on Telegraph Lane off Greene Street.

These seen on Ann Street are the proper kinds of shutters used to repel hurricanes, made of aluminum and bolted to frames set in the wall.

In modern America you'll see developments with vestigial shutters glued to the walls on either side of the window as a reminder I suppose of the past. In Key West shutters are useful and used.

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