Thursday, September 22, 2011


The red and blue lights were visible from a long way away, as they are supposed to. At first I figured it was just a traffic stop, then as I saw traffic slowing and backing up I thought perhaps it was a wreck. The Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy was busy doing traffic control which supported my theory of an accident.

Accidents on Highway One are a pain for everyone on the road, especially if they involve death or a serious injury. The road can be closed for hours and it's one of those facts of life that cannot be allowed to ruin your day if you live in the Keys. But this was what? Not a wreck, for sure.

I have no idea what they were pumping out of the middle of the causeway. It wasn't sewage as we shit into septic tanks which leach through limestone (no, really!) into the ocean and kill off the coral. I'm not fibbing, and now they want to charge us seven thousand bucks per lot to create a sensible sewer system as we sink into the Great Depression of the 21st century. Timing is everything!

Anyway whatever they were pumping out of the middle of the road it wasn't sewage. Perhaps there was a problem with the main water line. We will probably never know...

It was the northbound traffic's day to take it on the chin. We were through almost without stopping but those headed toward Big Pine got stuck in quite a line.

And that is the worst of riding a bike. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is a pain, no air conditioning no comfortable seat to sprawl in and wait! Stuck in a line of cars. It sucks to be them.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

I am delighted to learn that whatever the hell it was they were pumping out of the road, it wasn't the remains of some poor biker, run-= down by a drunk, or some blind old fart.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads