Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow Pirates

They are already starting to trickle into town, the big throbbing v-twins, and the flat six purring Honda Goldwings. Nothing like my Bonneville out enjoying the quieter reaches of the Lower Keys.

This weekend the hard core riders leave Miami on the motorcycles they trailered to South Florida, or rented in town and ride 130 hard fought miles to the Southernmost City where they present the poker hand they picked up on the way.

Above we see the roadside sign already in place at Boondocks on Ramrod Key, my home island which the decades cannot improve. Everyone o getting ready for the swaggering cowboys on motorcycles who will fill the void of an empty month in Key West, touristically speaking.

And I wonder if anyone might get just a little tipsy with beer on sale outside from noon to eleven pm all across town? I' working Saturday night with a trainee who is learning to run driver's licenses and vehicle tags. I expect Lisa will be quite busy as I stand over her and check her work...

Loud mufflers, noisy drunks and motorcycles. What a weekend to be on vacation if you live in Old Town. By Sunday night they will all be gone leaving trash, the smell of used beer and lots of lovely money.

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