Friday, October 14, 2011

Blood Sweat and Aggro On Sugarloaf

I had determined it was time to increase my dog's education in the ways of the country, so we took a stroll on an apparently sylvan trail off Crane Boulevard.

The bees, in decline in much of the world thanks to our superb environmental stewardship of God's creation are staying busy in the Florida Keys. They made me exhausted just looking at them as they had insecticidal intercourse with an innocent bush.

When suddenly a posse of an overfed cat and an over hyped Very Small Dog waylaid us.

Cheyenne took her usual evasive action, ignoring the intrusion while continuing to seek nourishment in the chlorophyll, small yappy dogs be damned.

My evasive action consisted of ignoring the little shit while continuing to read as I waded into a large pool of extremely slippery mud. I lost my dignity but my backwards cartwheel was apparently so spectacular the yap machine was brusquely silenced and he retreated, terrified to the bosom of his uncaring family.

This was rather fun. I felt like a small boy as my middle aged knee stung and bled exactly as it did when I fell off my moped, repeatedly, forty years ago. Ah youth! The worst thing about aging is that you are supposed to age with dignity; while I understand the concept I fail hopelessly time after time on the practical.

On the other hand I do notice the oddities laid out in the various communities the length of the Keys. Hands up anyone who routinely parks a boat in a horse stable? I think this is the sort of lateral thinking we should see more of, as M1 continues to shrink nationwide.

No prizes of course, no contests on Key West Diary, and of course never any boring video. Just a few pictures of some mysterious growth or other. It must be poisonous because there were no bees here. It looked good though, much like the color of the juice dripping down my leg. Small aggressive dogs should be banned.

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David B. said...

Your plant is ixora. It's pretty much bulletproof and very popular in the Keys landscape. "Popular" to the point of being dull as dishwater, I'm afraid.

Conchscooter said...

damn! I knew that. Well, no I didn't but I once nearly bought a house on Ixora Drive on Big Pine and I wondered what the word meant so I looked it up. But remembering plants is something I am not genetically disposed to.
I think they look pretty and now that I know they are common as dirt and worthless i shall photograph many many more of them (if I cn remember what they are). Them and bougainvillea.