Friday, October 14, 2011

Got Chicken?

Everyone who has lived in Key West knows your best chance of a good piece of fried chicken is to be found at convenience stores and gas stations between Homestead and Key West. The trick to getting the tastiest piece of chicken is to be on hand when the breasts and thighs and wings come out of the fryer. Or you can go new age and get a skinless baked breast which is okay but...let's think about this. Dion's chicken should be fried. It's the law. Chicken done right indeed. Check this out if you don't know what I mean:
2008 Chicken Essay

I took the picture at the Dion's at Truman and White and I really liked the sign. DO NOT BEG FOR CHICKEN HERE. By Order of the Management! You have been warned. Buy your own (it's not expensive).

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