Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bogie Channel

The bridge that connects Big Pine Key to No Name Key, shown below looking toward the latter, crosses a body of water called Bogie Channel.

This used to be the main road, a wooden bridge in the early 20th century, to the ferry terminal at No Name Key which took cars and people forty miles to Matecumbe Key where they drove a little and picked up a second ferry for another hop. It was an all day affair driving to Miami in the bad old days.

Nowadays we have this fine cement bridge connecting the two islands and it also makes an excellent fishing pier.

That I was completely alone on it is attributable to the fact that it was a weekday in September and reasonably early in the morning. So I stopped the car and stepped out for some pictures.

It was a little weird for a law abiding soul like me to be stopped in the middle of the road but it was worth it. This picture looks north up the channel:

This west toward the shore of Big Pine:

And this south where in the distance one can see the arches of the old Highway One Bridge connecting Big Pine to West Summerland Key.

Slightly more visible here:

These waters may be smooth and may look deep but the birds standing around looking for breakfast gives the lie to that.

And inevitably ere is then odd live aboard boat minding it's own business on the edges of the channel.

I parked on the top of the tallest hump so I could see both ways and make sure I wasn't blocking traffic.

I had the place to myself. How delightful!

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