Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elizabeth At Truman

I had this wild belief that because it was September, slow season, the main road into Key West would not be completely clogged. What a silly bugger I am sometimes!

Truman Avenue is a street I avoid during business hours just because of this shambles. In Italy I would have weaved down the centerline in between oncoming traffic. In Naples I'd have got up on the sidewalk and swept pedestrians aside with my Bonneville, but I was in Key West....soooo I pulled off after tottering slowly along forever and went up Elizabeth Street when finally I got there.

Timed coordinated traffic lights are an innovation that has not reached this far south and probably never will in my lifetime. Traffic circles which are coming to be appreciated for the gas savers they are, will be a choice for a few generations down the road, in their hydrogen hovercraft. For now we have lights that go red at random and drivers who, for whatever reason, can't concentrate on their driving so when a light does eventually go green drivers are still texting and fail to move. Grrr. Mind you I don't blame them. Why would anyone drive when it is so boring compared to riding?

Rhetorical questions aside, Elizabeth Street is marked by the Catholic School on Truman, on one side and one more giant, spreading poinciana on the other side of Truman:

Elizabeth Street itself is quite the tree covered tunnel on the way to Solares Hill and worth a detour even if Truman Avenue is not pretending to be a Big City arterial. A classic Key West street:

This is how Truman Avenue looks from Elizabeth. And don't be fooled, Elizabeth is now a one way street going away from Truman, even though the entrance is painted to look like a two way street.

In the end I left them to it, trickling into town on Truman Avenue, which until the late president started vacationing in the Southernmost City used to be called Division Street. That was because it divided the developed part of the island from the undeveloped wilderness. Imagine that.

I rode up Elizabeth and with pictures in the camera I turned outbound on Fleming and went to work.

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