Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To Work

I am facing a week of working during the daylight hours and I am not looking forward to it. I would rather put my head in a black sack, shut out the sunlight like this splendid shrouded motorcycle pictured below, and sleep the sleep of the just.

As it is we have a training class organized all week and my night shift colleagues will have to soldier on without me, though I must confess I found them to be disappointingly unperturbed by the news that they would lose their leader for a week. I have been reflecting on how most people work, straight shifts, morning to evening five days a week and I realize I have no appetite for the regular hours of a daytime job.

I frequently see a fleeting look of pity in the eyes of people who discover my strange and unnatural working hours. In vain I explain how much I enjoy going to work at six and coming home twelve hours later as the sun comes up, but still that fleeting look of pity remains impressed in my mind. I am the victim of some unspeakable breach of etiquette that has condemned me to the Siberia of jobs, dispatching police all night long. I expect it's just as well they don't know what I know else everyone would lust after my job and my hours.

My wife likes it because she says we get to spend more time together and we use that time more wisely, and I know Cheyenne is going to hate seeing me go at that hour when usually we are left alone at home to sleep together in peace. I suppose I could quit my job, get a bicycle and cart and spend my days hanging out at Bayview Park. However because I enjoy my job, my strange hours and my colleagues I am not one of those workers who envies the endless idle hours of the voluntary unemployed. I am going to miss my night shift this coming week and I dare say my blog will suffer because of my drastically altered routine. Well bugger, we'll all have to suffer together!

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Anonymous said...

When I worked for Mountain Bell as a cord board telephone operator in the 1980s, I really enjoyed the night shift. It took a little while to get used to, but when you get off work in the early morning, breathe the fresh air and have all day to do things, it's really one of the best shifts to work.

I feel your pain.

Bob from Livingston Montana