Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drowned Big Pine

Skies are still gray and nasty and promising rain though this evening the National Weather Service promises easing at last, though Mother Nature is quite the joker and after all this damp we are supposed to get a proper cold front tomorrow. Ab
East it should be sunny, if cold.

I took Cheyenne up the highway for a walk this afternoon, as her preferred neighborhoods are mostly under water. Kayak renters need not go too far to See The Sea !

I went into Big Pine's shopping center, home to restaurants, a library, a vehicle registration office and all the bric-a-brac of modern life. Which was held up a bit by the water that has invaded all our lives.

A kayak would have been of more use in the parking lot.

Torrential rain this morning caught me as I left work at six and I have to say my ride home today was in the worst combination of weather in which I have ridden a motorcycle for a very, very long time. Only snow and ice would have been worse.

The rain was as thick as syrup, visibility was perhaps 20 yards, and my high beam cut through the moisture and mist and darkness like a candle. Had it not been for the road reflectors I would have had no idea how to follow the highway. Beyond the rain I had very powerful wind gusts to contend with, luckily most of them coming from behind, not across the roadway.

By the time I got to Summerland Key I rode into the back of the storm which was rolling eastwards. Lightning and thunder flashed and crashed simultaneously and I was concerned that I might get hit by a lightning bolt. The highway was illuminated one second and plunged into total darkness the next. It was utterly wild and I never felt so alive.

The ride home didn't start well because when I left the city I took the bike path round the Marriott Beachside Hotel in an effort to avoid the usual flooding on North Roosevelt at the Triangle. It turned out the bike path, winding picturesquely through the landscaping led me astray. Suddenly I found the Bonneville sinking under me like a horse in quicksand.

I gunned the engine, which spluttered horribly, but the Bonneville rose up out of the primordial muck as though as scared as I was suddenly, of sinking out of sight. My legs, attempting to push us off the lawn sank into water that covered my calves, a sensation that freaked me out beyond reason. I nearly turned back to the police station to wait out the weather.

I was wet but my waterproofs kept me warm, the Bonneville shook off the water and ran perfectly all the way home. What a gruesome morning; I slept until one o'clock.

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Garythetourist said...

Hi Michael,
My Facebook page has several shots of people kayaking down Duval. You guys are WET!