Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blusterous Weather

Supposedly the rain is going to start easing up fornthe rest of this week.

Tell that to the wildlife ducking the showers and wind.

Gray skies are getting a little lighter but bands of storms are still dropping rain on already flooded islands.

The good news in the Keys is that these islands are geared up to deal with this stuff. It's hard to ignore the possibility of flooding from time to time when all you can see on all sides is tidal salt water.

Some people are so hooked on fishing for fun or profit, depending, they are out on the water in all weathers.

For a Labrador that loves to explore this has been a confusing period. Cheyenne's regular walks are largely under water.

Even gray and overcast has a certain attractive look.

But really, I'm ready for a return to boring sunshine and primary colors.

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