Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feed The Deer Already!

The National Key Deer Refuge was reporting starving Key Deer a couple of years ago. This year they seem well fed, abundant and frisky.

In case it isn't obvious the title of this essay is meant ironically, not least because God's Own Private Property Owners and the interest of the Awful Gummint are aligned for once.

And if that isn't ironic I don't know what is. The refuge is labeled with the little blue and white signs, which the deer are able to read.

I was hampered in my efforts to observe the deer bu loud signing and grunts from the back seat indicating a well walked Labrador was ready to get home and take nap, now please!

Oh, and in case you had any doubts, "don't feed the..."

It's unlawful because they don't want them to get tame and approach humans which could end badly for the deer, if not the humans in cars. They want the population to live naturally and essentially cull themselves in the lean years.

That plan got a bit of a public going over a few years back when starving deer were tottering out of the woods with all ribs showing. Dachau In The Keys did not go over well with visitors and some residents who wanted to intervene. Hot button debate ensued until the starvation crisis passed.

In winter this place, No Name Key's Watson Drive, is packed with cameras and the residents are prepared. Remember, "don't feed..."

I am no friend of the iguana a creature that rivals Superman in it's ability to climb walls, fly, swim, dive and survive in the wilds of South Florida. Compared to iguana Key Deer are pikers when it comes to wrecking peoples' gardens.

Besides they are much better looking than iguana. However absolutely no one wants you to forget the mantra "don't fee..."

Up North riding into deer kills riders. I have no doubt they would do the same here. However the only statistics we get are the number of deer killed by cars.

I'm going to make a wild guess and figure that were a rider to die in a collision with a Key Deer it would make headlines, and so far I've seen no such headline.

Keep an eye out in any event when riding around Big Pine and No Name Keys. And don't forget never ever to feed the Key Deer, while you're here. Trust me, there will be lots of reminders of the cardinal rule.

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