Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Day In The Keys

The calendar is filled with dates, anniversaries markers and due dates. We have the solstice and equinox, birthdays, seasons, and those infamous red letter days. They grew out of the religious calendars of centuries past. Weekdays were in black, holidays, including Sundays were in red. A red letter day is therefore a special day.

Today is October First of course and that means we are entering the Fall season, but in the fashion of the Keys the season comes in late, with a whimper and no discernible change.

Dispatches from Up North tell of changing leaf colors and dying gardens as the new season kicks in and the cold temperate earth starts to settle in for a winter of sleep.

Down here the changes are mild and pleasant with the of better to come. The sun shines, it's hot and humid though not as humid as before and tomorrow a cold front comes, the first of Fall and thus unlikely to produce much actual cold.

With a little camera fiddling I can make a grassy patch look like an actual field with tractor tracks cutting across it, see below, but there are no fields in the Keys, no crops, no agriculture and thus no ripening orchards or fallow fields.

There is no fog though we can fake some with the camera, and there is no frost and of that I have no desire to create any, fake or real.

Driving down to Key Wet a motorist might see a scene like this, snatched through the side window of the moving car.

Scenes like these won't change much and as winter progresses we will see more and more cars with tags from all over North America. And as Canadians, impoverished Socialists from Up Up North on their winter vacations, invade the Keys the grocery stores will pull out their cans of Crosse and Blackwell in time to celebrate the holidays with mincemeat and custard and shortbread and other weird delicacies imported to Canada from the mother country. And by extension the Keys, their winter home.

Things don't look like they do in the comics, where seasons follow regular unchanging patterns to keep newspaper readers happy. No snowballs here, no scarves, no leaf raking. We live apart.

That's okay, once you get used to it.

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Anonymous said...

So, why the dig at Canadians? Yes our Socialist system functions, however I have no desire to travel to a warmer clime in the winter.
Especially to a country that sadly does not seem to respect the existence of the balance of the world except for them to be the source of energy.
Maybe I should not be so harsh however find the American dream fast fading. It has been noted that 85 percent of the motor vehicles produced in Canada are exported to other countries including the USA. Then too the Ford assembly plant that produced
the Ford Police Interceptor (Crown
Victoria body) closed here in Canada with no plans by Ford to replace the vehicle.
All of the Toyota Corollas sold in North America are produced in Cambridge Ontario; ditto most of the Honda Civics also assembled in Ontario. Ford Flex and Ford Edge also come from Ontario,
most Buicks as well.
Socialist, yes however the mother
country is no longer just the UK. Canada is now a diverse multi-cultural country, and admittedly,
as a born in Canada white and now seemingly minority person am not happy about the changes...

Maybe the Keys might be just far enough off the beaten track.
Then again destroy the overseas highway and the existence there
would rapidly stop being positive!

Conchscooter said...

And why is that most cars come from Canada? Because the US auto companies dont have to pay for health insurance in Canada which they do in the US and it costs them an arm and a leg because our system is so screwed up and hopeleslly inefficient.

Conchscooter said...

The dig is at Americans who can't see what is good for them. We see lots of well to do canadians in the US in winter and they come from a state where people get taken care of collectively and it doesnt look so bad if you have your eyes open and realise we could do that as well here except my neighbors are all brainwashed by corporate advertisers.

Now we are going to fence the canadian border at vast expense. This place is starting to look like East Berlin. Tear down those walls!

Anonymous said...

I have followed you for two yeras, I love your bog, Ill be in town ths weekend for a friends wedding, a best friend, who is going to marry someone else who I also love, ive been in Key West a lot. But, can you or anyone think of something magical i should do for them. I love Key West, I told them to go ther to marry, how can I make it perfect, Much Love, M Sollie

Conchscooter said...

I like key west in the dark. Get up before dawn, ride a bicycle to white street pier via sandys cafe on white street (24 hour con leches cheese toast) and. Bicycle down to the pier before sunrise. Wait till the sun comes up. Tell me I was wrong despite the gruesomeness of getting up early.