Saturday, October 1, 2011


One of the big noises earlier in the year concerned the animal rescue operations of the Middle Keys. Stand Up For Animals went by the awkward acronym of SUFA and took care of the Monroe County needs around Marathon and Big Pine. Splendid stuff. However things went a tad bit wrong when SUFA asked for a raise in the fee they were paid by the county. The county did an audit and came back with a bunch of accusations against SUFA. The thing was tried in the public arena and the accusations flew back and forth and the County was looking for missing cash and SUFA argued the money from donations and the money from the County all went to animal welfare one way and another. It seemed to me the worst that could be said of SUFA was bad book keeping, not bad animal husbandry which is what matters.

It was a sad thing to watch not least because the reason for the sudden witch hunt wasn't at all clear. SUFA shut down and the county had no plans for what exactly to do having vanquished their latest nemesis. Finally a new contract was issued and now we have SHARK, Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys by way of a much more amusing acronym and in any event they seem to be doing okay. The SUFA fiasco appears to have come to an ignominious halt with the release by a judge of the SUFA funds frozen by the county and now returned to the not for profit which is operating a shelter Up North I believe.

The Florida Keys do that sometimes. Things are just trundling along and then for some reason thing get turned upside down and everything is suddenly completely unpredictable. I just wish more people would pick rescue dogs instead of buying puppies. While we are on the subject of hopeless wishes I wish people wouldn't throw their dogs away. But but there we are and we should be grateful someone is available to pick up the pieces. I'm sure glad I got Cheyenne from the Stock Island SPCA.

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