Monday, October 10, 2011

Flying Lures

Launch your lure through the air and catch a...power line.

It seems to happen a lot to anglers on the old Flagler bridges...

...that have been converted to fishing piers.

Check it out.

It's art.

Or a flying flea market.

Of lures.

And there we see an official flying lure, one of those orange balls placed in the air by the utility company to prevent aircraft hitting the wires. Next to it- a flying lure!

The rest are just acrobatic fishing lures.

And think about this: these pictures took me fifteen minutes to accumulate on one single bridge in the Lower Keys. Flying lures are notan endangered species.

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Brady said...


Nice. I saw this at the lake with my grandpa once, though there were a lot more lures (popular spot) and he wanted to cut them down - like with a scissor on a stick. The man was crazy. Totally had wads of cash, but willing to cut down lures. I had to talk him out of it.

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